whores. TOUR DATES

tour history


Feb 18 The Basement East w/ Darkest Hour and Extinction A.D. Nashville, TN

Feb 19 Trixie's w/ Darkest Hour and Extinction A.D. Louisville, KY

Feb 20 Bogart's w/ Darkest Hour and Extinction A.D. Cincinnati, OH

Feb 21 Emerson Theater w/ Darkest Hour and Extinction A.D. Indianapolis, IN

Feb 22 Reggie's w/ Darkest Hour and Extinction A.D. Chicago, IL

Feb 23 The Loft w/ Darkest Hour and Extinction A.D. Lansing, MI

Feb 24 Photo City w/ Darkest Hour and Extinction A.D. Rochester, NY

Feb 25 Cattivo w/ Darkest Hour and Extinction A.D. Pittsburgh, PA

Feb 26 Saint Vitus w/ Primitive Weapons, Plaque Marks and Husbandry Brooklyn, NY

Apr 05 Howling Wolf w/ Bummer, Forming The Void, Traded Moments, AR-15 and Decoy New Orleans, LA

Apr 06 Rudyard's w/ Bummer, Omotai and Sumokem Houston, TX

Apr 07 The Ridglea Room w/ Bummer and Bulls Ft Worth, TX

Apr 08 Barracuda w/ Bummer Easy Prey and Unmothered Austin, TX

Apr 09 Desert Flower w/ Bummer and Red Beard Wall Big Spring, TX

Apr 10 Rebel Lounge w/ Helms Alee, Sorxe and Rotting Yellow Phoenix, AZ

Apr 11 Club Congress w/ Helms Alee and Scar Eater Tucson, AZ

Apr 12 Beauty Bar w/ Helms Alee and The Fat Dukes of Fuck Las Vegas, NV

Apr 13 Casbah w/ Helms Alee and Death Eyes San Diego, CA

Apr 14 Resident w/ Helms Alee and Cunts Los Angeles, CA

Apr 15 The Holland Project w/ Helms Alee and Elephant Rifle Reno, NV 

Apr 16 Bottom of the Hill w/ Helms Alee and pOrch San Francisco, CA

Apr 17 Blue lamp w/ Helms Alee and Chrome Ghost Sacramento, CA

Apr 19 Mississippi Studios for Stumpfest w/ Helms Alee, Marriage + Cancer, C-Average, and Pushy Portland, OR

Apr 20 Highline w/ Helms Alee, Future Uses and He Whose Ox Is Gored Seattle, WA

Apr 21 Cobalt w/ Helms Alee and Mess Vancouver, BC

Apr 22 The Shakedown w/ Helms Alee and Earth Years Bellingham, WA

Apr 24 Urban Lounge w/ Bummer, Baby Gurl and Swarmer Salt lake City, UT

Apr 25 Hi-Dive w/ Bummer and Bland Canyon Denver, CO

Apr 26 Riot Room w/ Bummer and Young Bull Kansas City, MO

Apr 27 Growler's w/ Bummer and Pressed Memphis, TN

Apr 28 The EARL w/ Bummer, Vincas and NAARC Atlanta, GA

May 02 Exit/In w/ Iron Reagan and o'brother Nashville, TN

Jun 03 Reggie's Doomed and Stoned Fest, Chicago, IL



Mar 31 Exchange w/ Big Business Bristol, United Kingdom 

Apr 01 The Key Club w/ Big Business Leeds, United Kingdom 

Apr 02 Star and Garter W/ Big Business Manchester, United Kingdom 

Apr 03 Audio w/ Big Business Glasgow, United Kingdom 

Apr 04 Mama Roux's w/ Big Business Birmingham, United Kingdom 

Apr 05 The Underworld Camden w/ Big Business London, United Kingdom 

Apr 06 Trix w/ Big Business Antwerp, Belgium 

Apr 07 Le Periscope w/ Big Business Lyon, France 

Apr 08 Spazio 211 w/ Big Businees Turin, Italy 

Apr 09 Magnolia w/ Big Business Milan, Italy 

Apr 10 Arena w/ Big Business Vienna, Austria 

Apr 11 007 w/ Big Business Prague, Czech Republic 

Apr 12 Carpe Diem w/ Big Business Wroclaw, Poland 

Apr 13 Droneberg Festival w/ Big Business Berlin, Germany 

Apr 14 Droneberg Festival w/ Big Business Hamburg, Germany

Apr 15 Beatpol w/ Big Business Dresden, Germany 

Apr 16 Underground w/ Big Business Cologne, Germany 

Apr 17 Feierwerk w/ Big Business Munich, Germany 

Apr 18 Le Romandie w/ Big Business Lausanne, Switzerland 

Apr 21 Roadburn Festival w/ Baroness, Big Business, Chelsea Wolf, Deafheaven, Youth Code and many more Tilburg, Netherlands 

Apr 22 Le Ferailleur w/ Big Business Nantes, France 

Apr 23 Void w/ Big Business Bordeaux, France 

Apr 24 Dabadaba w/ Big Business San Sebastian, Spain 

Apr 25 Sabotage Club w/ Big Business Lisbon, Portugal 

Apr 26 Boite Live! w/ Big Business Madrid, Spain 

Apr 27 Rocksound w/ Big Business Barcelona, Spain 

Apr 28 Black SHeep w/ Big Business Montpellier, France 

Apr 29 L'Astrolabe w/ Big Business Orleans, France 

Apr 30 Le Glazart w/ Big Business Paris, France 

May 12 The Drunken Unicorn w/ Wrong and Bummer Atlanta, GA 

May 13 Growlers w/ Wrong and Bummer Memphis, TN 

May 14 Haymarket w/ Wrong and Bummer Louisville, KY 

May 15 Ace of Cups w/ Wrong and Bummer Columbus, OH 

May 16 Buzzbin Art & Music Shop Canton, OH 

May 17 DC9 w/ Wrong and Bummer Washington, DC 

May 18 Kung Fu Necktie w/ Wrong and Bummer Philadelphia, PA 

May 19 Saint Vitus w/ Wrong and Bummer Brooklyn, NY 

May 21 Mohawk Place w/ Wrong and Bummer Buffalo, NY 

May 23 Coalition w/ Wrong and Bummer Toronto, Canada 

May 24 Loving Touch w/ Wrong and Bummer Detroit, MI

May 26 Cactus Club w/ Wrong and Bummer Milwaukee, WI 

May 27 The Lift w/ Wrong and Bummer Dubuque, IA 

May 28 Riot Room w/ Wrong and Bummer Kansas City, MO

May 29 Hi Dive w/ Wrong and Bummer Denver, CO

May 30 Urban Lounge w/ Wrong and Bummer Salt Lake City, UT 

Jun 01 The Highline w/ Wrong and Bummer Seattle, WA 

Jun 02 Ash St Saloon w/ Wrong and Bummer Portland, OR 

Jun 03 Starlite Lounge w/ Wrong and Bummer Sacramento, CA

Jun 04 Eli's Mile High Club w/ Wrong and Bummer Oakland, CA 

Jun 05 The Echo w/ Wrong and Bummer Los Angeles, CA 

Jun 06 Soda Bar w/ Wrong and Bummer San Diego, CA 

Jun 07 The Rebel Lounge w/ Wrong and Bummer Phoenix, AZ

Jun 09 The Blue Note w/ Wrong and Bummer Oklahoma City, OK 

Jun 10 Barracuda w/ Wrong and Bummer Austin, TX 

Jun 11 Three Links w/ Wrong and Bummer Dallas, TX 

Jun 13 Siberia w/ Wrong New Orleans, LA 

Jul 13 Ottobar w/ Multicult and Hangers Baltimore, MD 

Jul 15 Beachland W/ Lopan and Child Bite Cleveland, OH 

Jul 16 Chicago Open Air Festival w/ Ozzy, Slayer. Lamb of God, The Dillinger Escape Plan and many more Chicago, IL 

Jul 17 Fubar w/ Lopan and Hell Night St Louis, MO 

Jul 18 Exit/In w/ Lopan and Greywoods Nashville, TN 

Jul 22 Amphetamine Reptiles's Bash 17 w/ Melvins, Mudhoney, Cherubs and more Minneapolis, MN 

Aug 05 New Brookland Tavern w/ Carolyn and Abacus West Columbia, SC 

Aug 19 Growler's Memphis, TN 

Aug 21 Reggie's Rock Club w/ Cult of Luna and Dalek Chicago, IL 

Aug 22 Mod Club Theater w/ Cult of Luna and Dalek Toronto, Canada 

Aug 23 Corona Theater w/ Cult of Luna and Dalek Montreal, Canada 

Aug 24 Palladium w/ Cult of Luna and Dalek Worcester, MA 

Aug 25 Gramercy Theater w/ Cult of Luna and Dalek New York, NY

Sep 08 Hopscotch Music Fest w/ Thou, King Woman and Mourning Cloak 

Sep 16 Rat City Recon Fest Seattle, WA

Dec 01 Hi Dive Gainesville, FL

Dec 02 O'Mally's Margate, FL

Dec 05 The Jinx Savannah, GA 

Dec 06 New Brookline Tavern w/ '68 Columbia, SC

Dec 07 Local 506 w/ '68 Chapel Hill, NC

Dec 08 Voltage Lounge w/ '68 Philadelphia, PA

Dec 09 Amityville Music Hall w/ '68 Amityville, NY

Dec 10 Sonia w/ '68 Cambridge, MA

Dec 12 Buzzbin w/ '68 Canton, OH

Dec 13 Hoosier Dome w/ '68 Indianapolis, IN

Dec 14 Springfield Ballroom w/ '68 Springfield, MO

Dec 15 Growler's w/ '68 Memphis, TN

Dec 16 Gasa Gasa w/ '68 New Orleans, LA

Dec 17 The Masquerade w/ '68 Atlanta, GA


Feb 11 Saint Vitus w / Fight Amp, Fashion Week and Haan Brooklyn, NY 

Apr 03 The Drunken Unicorn w / Black Tusk and Savagist Atlanta, GA

Sep 01 The End w/ Sheep Shifter and Motherfucker Nashville, TN 

Sep 03 PRF BBQ LOU Louisville, KY 

Oct 14 Gasa Gasa w/ Big Jesus New Orleans, LA 

Oct 15 Paper Tiger w/ Big Jesus San Antonio, TX 

Oct 16 Lola's w/ Big Jesus Fort Worth, TX 

Oct 17 The Blue Note w/ Big Jesus Oklahoma City, OK

Oct 19 Flux Capacitor Colorado Springs, CO 

Oct 22 Aftershock Festival w/ Slayer, Tool, Primus, Baroness, Deafheaven and many more Sacramento, CA 

Oct 23 Dive Bar Las Vegas, NV 

Oct 25 The Record Bar w/ Bummer Kansas City, MO 

Oct 27 The Buccaneer Lounge Memphis, TN 

Nov 18 Slim's w/ Red Fang and Torche San Francisco, CA 

Nov 19 Glasshouse w/ Red Fang and Torche Pomona, CA 

Nov 20 Teragram Ballroom w/ Red Fang and Torche Los Angeles, CA 

Nov 22 Casbah w/ Red Fang and Torche San Diego, CA 

Nov 23 Rebel Lounge w/ Red Fang and Torche Phoenix, AZ 

Nov 25 Mohawk w/ Red Fang and Torche Austin, TX 

Nov 26 Three Links w/ Red Fang and Torche Dallas, TX 

Nov 27 Warehouse Studio w/ Red Fang and Torche Houston, TX 

Nov 29 Masquerade (Hell) w/ Red Fang and Torche Atlanta, GA 

Nov 30 Motorco w/ Red Fang and Torche Durham, NC 

Dec 01 Rock and Roll Hotel w/ Red Fang and Torche Washington, DC 

Dec 02 Underground Arts w/ Red Fang and Torche Philadelphia, PA 

Dec 03 Music Hall of Williamsburg w/ Red Fang and Torche Brooklyn, NY 

Dec 04 The Sinclair w/ Red Fang and Torche Cambridge, MA 

Dec 05 Mercury Lounge w/ Red Fang and Torche New York, NY 

Dec 07 Spirit Lounge w/ Red Fang and Torche Pittsburgh, PA 

Dec 08 Beachland Ballroom w/ Red Fang and Torche Cleveland, OH 

Dec 09 El Club w/ Red Fang and Torche Detroit, MI 

Dec 10 Metro w/ Red Fang and Torche Chicago, IL

Dec 11 Castle Theater w/ Red Fang and Torche Bloomington, IL 

Dec 13 Bluebird Theater w/ Red Fang and Torche Denver, CO 

Dec 14 Urban Lounge w/ Red Fang and Torche Salt Lake City, UT 

Dec 15 Neurolux w/ Red Fang and Torche Boise, ID 

Dec 16 Showbox W/ Red Fang and Torche Seattle, WA 

Dec 17 Wonder Ballroom w/ Red Fang and Torche Portland, OR



Feb 06 The Buccaneer Memphis, TN 

Feb 07 Blue Note Oklahoma City, OK 

Feb 08 Launchpad Albuquerque, NM 

Feb 10 Casbah w/ Retox San Diego, CA 

Feb 11 51 West w/ Retox (all ages) Tempe, AZ 

Feb 12 Haphazard Hall w/ Retox (all ages) Las Cruces, NM 

Feb 13 Three Links w/ Retox (all ages) Dallas, TX 

Feb 14 Red 7 w/ Retox (all ages) Austin, TX 

Feb 15 Fitzgerald's w/ Retox (all ages) Houston, TX 

Feb 17 The EARL w/ Retox Atlanta, GA 

Feb 18 Cat's Cradle w/ Retox (all ages) Chapel Hill, NC 

Feb 19 Ottobar w/ Retox (all ages) Baltimore, MD 

Feb 20 Kun Fu Necktie w/ Retox Philadelphia, PA 

Feb 21 Saint Vitus w/ Retox Brooklyn, NY 

Feb 22 The Middle East w/ Retox Cambridge, MA 

Feb 24 Turbo Haus w/ Retox (all ages) Montreal, Canada

Feb 25 The Cave @ Lee's Palace w/ Retox Toronto, Canada

Feb 26 Grog Shop w/ Retox (all ages) Cleveland, OH

Feb 27 Magic Stick w/ Retox (all ages) Detroit, MI 

Feb 28 Cobra Lounge w/ Retox Chicago, IL 

Mar 01 Triple Rock Social Club w/ Retox Minneapolis, MN 

Mar 02 Slowdown w/ Retox (all ages w/ notarized slip) Omaha, NE 

Mar 04 Hi Dive w/ Retox Denver, CO 

Mar 05 Bar Deluxe w/ Retox Salt Lake City, UT 

Mar 06 The Shredder w/ Retox (all ages) Boise, ID 

Mar 07 Black Lodge w/ Retox (all ages) Seattle, WA 

Mar 08 Ash Street Saloon w/ Retox Portland, OR 

Mar 09 Oakland Metro Operahouse w/ Retox (all ages) Oakland, CA 

Mar 10 Los Globos w/ Retox Los Angeles, CA 

Mar 13 Korova (Basement) San Antonio, TX

Jul 02 Frank 6th Anniversary Throwdown w/ The Sword Austin, TX 

Aug 27 Loosey's Downtown w/ Thunderclap and Hot Graves Gainesville, FL 

Aug 28 Will's Pub w/ The Ludes, Junior Bruce and Pilgrimage Orlando, FL 

Aug 29 The Jinx w/ Dropout and The Toxic Shock Savannah, GA 

Sep 28 Hi Tone Memphis, TN 

Sep 30 The Aquarium Fargo, ND 

Oct 01 Pub Station w/ Red Fang and Wild Throne Billings, MT 

Oct 02 Urban Lounge w/ Red Fang, Wild Throne and Caspian Salt Lake City, UT 

Oct 03 Aggie Theater w/ Red Fang and Wild Throne Fort Collins, CO 

Oct 05 Riot Room w/ Red Fang and Wild Throne Kansas City, MO 

Oct 06 Firebird w/ Red Fang and Wild Throne Saint Louis, MO 

Oct 07 Subterranean w/ Red Fang and Wild Throne Chicago, IL 

Oct 08 Ace Of Cups w/ Red Fang and Wild Throne Columbus, OH 

Oct 09 Altar Bar w/ Red Fang and Wild Throne Pittsburgh, PA 

Oct 10 Palisades w/ Red Fang and Wild Throne Brooklyn, NY 

Oct 11 Underground Arts w/ Red Fang and Wild Throne Philadelphia, PA 

Oct 13 Kings w/ Red Fang and Wild Throne Raleigh, NC 

Oct 14 The Masquerade (Hell) w/ Red Fang and Wild Throne Atlanta, GA 

Oct 16 Siberia w/ Red Fang and Wild Throne New Orleans, LA 

Oct 17 Gas Monkey Live! w/ Red Fang and Wild Throne Dallas, TX 

Oct 18 Mohawk w/ Red Fang Wild Throne Austin, TX 

Oct 19 Warehouse Small Room w/ Red Fang and Wild Throne Houston, TX 

Oct 21 Launchpad w/ Red Fang and Wild Throne Albuquerque, NM 

Oct 22 The Rebel Lounge w/ Red Fang and Wild Throne Phoenix, AZ 

Oct 23 Casbah w/ Red Fang and Wild Throne San Diego, CA 

Dec 31 NYE at Frank with Easy Prey! Austin, TX



Mar 08 The Basement w/ Dropout and Pretty Please Atlanta, GA 

Mar 14 SXSW Metal Sucks Showcase Austin, TX 

Mar 15 SXSW Austin, TX 

Mar 16 Spillover Fest at Club Dada & Three Links w/ Deafheaven, Nothing, Coathangers Dallas, TX 

Mar 17 The Yeti w/ Slothtrust and Constant Peril Tulsa, OK 

Mar 18 The Riot Room w/ Bummer, Leering Heathens and Canyons Kansas City, MO 

Mar 19 Triple Rock Social Club w/ Buildings and Gay Witch Abortion and Scaphe Minneapolis, MN 

Mar 20 The Cactus Club w/ Lo Pan Milwaukee, WI 

Mar 21 Cobra Lounge w/ Lo Pan and The Swan King Chicago, IL 

Mar 22 Ruby's w/ Lo Pan, Fuck You Pay Me and White Wolves Columbus, OH 

Mar 23 Grog Shop w/ Lo Pan and Fuck You Pay Me Cleveland, OH 

Mar 24 The Union w/ Lo Pan Athens, OH 

Mar 25 Brillobox w/ Lo Pan, T-Tops and Supervoid Pittsburgh, PA 

Mar 26 Badlands w/ Fight Amp and Blood Sun Circle and Cosmic Sea Syracuse, NY 

Mar 27 O'Brien's w/ Fight Amp, No Way and Livver Allston, MA 

Mar 28 Saint Vitus w/ Fight Amp, Creepoid and No Way Brooklyn, NY 

Mar 29 Kung Fu Necktie w/ Fight Amp, Rye Coalition and School Girl Philadelphia, PA 

Mar 30 Ottobar w/ Fight Amp, Roomrunner, Multicult and Passage Between Baltimore, MD 

Mar 31 Roger's w/ Fight Amp, Pillbuster and Reckoner Norfolk, VA 

Apr 01 Strange Matter w/ Fight Amp and Hellbear and Prisoner Richmond, VA 

May 31 Bottletree w/ Floor Birmingham, AL 

Jun 01 The EARL w/ Floor Atlanta, GA 

Aug 01 The Basement with The Powder Room and Pretty Please Atlanta, GA 

Aug 02 King's Barcade with American Sharks, Static Is A City and Bedowyn Raleigh, NC 

Aug 03 Strange Matter with American Sharks and Hex Machine Richmond, VA 

Aug 05 Metro Gallery with American Sharks and Passage Between Baltimore, MD 

Aug 06 Black Box with American Sharks and Pale Shelter Philadelphia, PA

Aug 07 Saint Vitus with American Sharks and No Way Brooklyn, NY 

Aug 08 The Met with American Sharks, Extinction Machine and Post Wreckage Providence, RI 

Aug 09 Heavy Montreal with Metallica, Voivod, Slayer, Lamb of God, Fucked Up, etc. Montreal, Canada 

Aug 10 Middle East with American Sharks, The Proselyte and Cortez Cambridge, MA 

Aug 12 The Grog Shop with American Sharks and Rival Knives Cleveland, OH 

Aug 13 Cobra Lounge with American Sharks and Scientist Chicago, IL 

Aug 14 Nether Bar with American Sharks, Gay Witch Abortion and Flint Lock Minneapolis, MN 

Aug 15 Riot Room with American Sharks and Canyons Kansas City, MO 

Aug 16 Club Dada with American Sharks and Mountain of Smoke Dallas, TX 

Aug 17 Mohawk with Skycrawler and Unmothered Austin, TX 

Aug 19 Juanita's with Snakedriver and Crankbait Little Rock, AR 

Aug 20 Hi Tone with The Devil's Right Hand and Tanks Memphis, TN 

Aug 21 Siberia with Ossacrux and Room 101 New Orleans, LA 

Oct 18 The Earl w/ Rapturous Grief, Motherfucker and Bodyfather Atlanta, GA 

Nov 02 THE FEST 13 WITH MELVINS Gainesville, FL 

Nov 07 Fun Fun Fun Nites at Elysium w/ Deafheaven, Tombs and Venomous Maximus Austin, TX